2011 - B.S. in Animal Policy and Advocacy

Degree Requirements

These requirements apply to students admitted before June 1, 2012. For the current degree requirement list click here.

The major seeks to accomplish these objectives through a series of courses and a variety of disciplinary lenses. 120 credit hours are required to complete a baccalaureate degree with HSU, 39 of these credits should be completed within the course work for the Animal Policy and Advocacy major, including:

Foundation Courses (6 credits):
AP301 Animal Protection As A Social Movement
AS305 Animals and Ethics

Core Courses (15 credits):
AP300 Research Methods for Humane Change
AP302 Animals and Public Policy
AP400 Animals, Advocacy and Corporate Change
HL434 The Media and Public Education
HL438 Measuring Organizational Performance and Impact for Animals

Advanced Policy Area Courses (6 credits):
AP402 Farm Animal Welfare
AP403 Wildlife Policy
AP404 Research Animal Policy
AP407 Special Issues in Companion Animal Policy: Dangerous Dogs
AS413 Global Animal Issues
AS416 Animal Behavior, Animal Minds, and Animal Protection

Capstone Courses (6 credits):
AP500 Animal Policy and Advocacy Capstone Course I
AP501 Animal Policy and Advocacy Capstone Course II

Major Electives (6 credits):
AP450 Independent Study
HL316 Animal Cruelty and Interpersonal Violence
HL332 Organizational Culture and Leadership
HL333 Fundraising for Animal Care and Protection Organizations
HL437 Finance for Managers
AS417 Animal Protection and the Environment