AP798 Animal Policy and Advocacy Thesis I

Course Description

The thesis courses assist the student with integrating and applying the knowledge gained from courses taken in the program and the practicum experience. The student will be able to transfer the skills s/he developed as a result of course work, as well as from experiences outside of the classroom, into a research project that will add to the field of human-animal studies and/or help solve practical problems that workers and organizations face on a daily basis. The two thesis courses are expected to span at least six months, but no more than 18 months. Students will be awarded 6 credits total (Pass/Fail) for successful completion of these two courses: three credits for the completion of AP798 and three credits for the completion of AP799.

The cumulative project for these two thesis courses will be a publishable manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal or comparable venture. Students will complete this approved research project in conjunction with a Faculty Advisor. The thesis topics must be approved by the Animal Policy and Advocacy Department Chair.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Formulate research questions and interpret, evaluate, and conduct qualitative and quantitative social science research related to animal policy contests and public policies.
  • Given the uniqueness of each student’s conceived cumulative project, other outcomes will be determined by the student and Faculty Advisor.

Course Topics

Topics covered in these courses will be dependent upon the scope of the students’ cumulative project; therefore topics will be determined by the student and Faculty Advisor.

Course Materials

Any text used will be determined by the student and Faculty Advisor.