Paul C. Gorski, PhD

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Associate Professor, Integrative Studies
George Mason University

Biographical Statement
In my current position in George Mason University’s New Century College I founded, and teach in, the Social Justice concentration of the Integrative Studies program. I have taught a broad range of courses related to social, economic, and ecological justice, including Social Justice Education, Animal Rights and Humane Education, Environmental Justice, and Social Justice Consciousness & Personal Transformation. I have published four books and more than fifty articles and essays on poverty, social justice teacher education, and school transformation. I live in Washington, DC, with my feline companions, Unity and Buster.

HSU Activities
Courses Taught
College of Arts and Sciences
Animals and Corporate Change

Areas of Interest/Research

  • Animal exploitation for corporate profits
  • Relationships between movements for animal rights and human rights
  • Diversifying movements for animal rights

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