Department of Animal Policy and Advocacy

Faculty List

Faculty Education Course(s)
Kathleen Allspaw
PhD in Curriculum & Instruction/Science Education, Indiana University Applied Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving
Mahalley Allen
PhD in Political Science, University of Kansas Animals and Public Policy
William Fielding
M Phil in Statistics, Edinburgh University Research Methods for Humane Change
Paul Gorski
PhD in Educational Evaluation, University of Virginia Animals, Advocacy, and Corporate Change
John Hadidian
PhD in Primatology, The Pennsylvania State University Wildlife Policy
Daria Kerridge
PhD in Education, University of Missouri Animal Protection as A Social Movement
Crystal Miller-Spiegel
MS in Animals and Public Policy, Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine Research Animal Policy
Sara Shields
PhD in Animal Behavior, University of California – Davis Farm Animal Welfare