Nathan Nobis, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Morehouse College
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Community Healthy and Preventative Medicine
Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA

Biographical Statement
I am a philosopher who tries to help people think more carefully and critically about a variety of controversial ethical and social issues. I encourage the use of logical analysis and an appreciation of the relevant science to try to find the positions on moral issues that will, we hope, be accepted hundreds of years in the future, as society progresses. Questions concerning the ethical treatment of animals are among the most challenging issues that we confront, individually and as a society, and I am grateful for the opportunity to guide students at HSU through a careful and rigorous evaluation of the many arguments on these important issues.

HSU Activities
Courses Taught
College of Arts and Sciences
AS 305/605 Animals and Ethics

Areas of Interest/Research

  • Ethics and Animals;
  • Philosophy and Animals;
  • Animal Minds;
  • Critical Thinking, Argumentation and Persuasion, and Animals;
  • Animals and the Law.

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