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Forging Progress for Farm Animals

Presenter: Paul Shapiro, Vice President for Farm Animal Protection, The Humane Society of the United States
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Paul Shapiro

Description: Amazing progress has been made on behalf of farm animal welfare in the past few years. At state and federal levels of government and in the private sector, changes have meant millions of animals are no longer suffering in cramped cages. At the same time, in spite of scientific evidence that current standard animal production practices are unhealthy for humans and exact a devastating toll on animals, much remains to be done to improve the lives of these animals. This webinar will give participants an overview of the problems farm animals face; will examine the successful campaigns that have changed producers' and consumers' perspectives on farm animal production; and will present opportunities to join in bettering the lives of pigs, chickens, cows and other farm animals.

About the Presenter: Presenting the webinar will be Paul Shapiro, Vice President for Farm Animal Protection at The Humane Society of the United States. His work in the legislative and corporate campaigns has helped enact farm animal protection laws in numerous states and has engendered policy changes in dozens of companies, including some of the world's top retailers.