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Peace Theory and Animal Protection

Presenter: Helen R. McClure, PhD, Chair, Animal Policy & Advocacy, Humane Society University
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Helen McClure

Description: The animal protection movement is one element of an evolving historical movement towards non-violence in our world. Using elements of peace theory that may be unfamiliar to many animal advocates, this fascinating webinar will explore the differences between structural and personal violence, and place the animal protection movement in a broader social justice context. Participants will be able to articulate, and understand, how elements of peace theory apply to animal welfare, and how they can use this theory to think about their advocacy work in a different light.

About the Presenter: The webinar was presented by Dr. Helen R. McClure. Dr. McClure joined Humane Society University in the fall of 2012. Her work has focused on strategic planning, assessment and preparing HSU to apply for accreditation. In February 2013, she took over as Department Chair, Animal Policy & Advocacy, at HSU. Before coming to HSU, she worked in a variety of college teaching and administrative roles in private non-profit, public and proprietary institutions. She has a bachelor’s in Linguistics and Italian from Barnard College, a master’s in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University, and a PhD in International Relations, also from American University.