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Stop Puppy Mills: Advocating for Change

Presenters: Kathleen Summers and Dale Bartlett
Watch the Webinar Now: Stop Puppy Mills: Advocating for Change

Kathleen Summers

Description: Do you know how to tell if a dog or puppy has come from a puppy mill? As part of National Puppy Mill Action Week, learn about the lives of animals in puppy mills, the most common problems inherent in these mass breeding facilities, and what can be done to address them.

Participants will be given tools to report suspected puppy mills, and learn how to educate their communities about this form of animal cruelty. The webinar introduces many of the topics covered more comprehensively in the HSU self-paced online course, Stop Puppy Mills: Advocating for Change.

About the Presenters: Kathleen Summers, Director of Outreach and Research for the Puppy Mills Campaign of The Humane Society of the United States, has worked since 2006 to drive a number of HSUS’s research-based investigations into puppy mills and the retail stores that support them. Most recently, she authored a report on the American Kennel Club’s links to puppy mills that sparked coverage of the issue in the New York Times.
Dale Bartlett, Public Policy Manager for The HSUS’ Puppy Mills Campaign, has worked in animal protections at the national and local levels for over two decades. He is a nationally recognized expert on animal cruelty issues, and a former member of the National District Attorneys Association Animal Cruelty Advisory Committee.