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Using Your Time and Talents to Successfully Volunteer for Animals

Presenter: Hilary Hager
Watch the Webinar Now: Using Your Time and Talents to Successfully Volunteer for Animals

Hilary Hager
Hilary Hager

Description: You love animals and want to help, but where do you start? Join the director of The HSUS National Volunteer Center in a webinar which will explore available volunteer opportunities in animal-welfare– be it working in a hands-on capacity or behind the scenes. More importantly, learn how to determine which volunteer opportunity is right for you and how to research options and organizations so your time and talents are well-directed -- and your expectations are met. Attendees will leave with knowledge of volunteer opportunities and how to find the best fit for personal talents.

About the Presenter: Hilary Hager, Director, The HSUS National Volunteer Center Hilary Hager has spent the last eleven years managing volunteers in animal welfare environments and currently serves as Director of The HSUS National Volunteer Center. Engaging volunteers in meaningful work to make the world a more humane place is Hilary’s passion and life’s work. In addition to managing volunteers in shelters, she has been a volunteer herself at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Washington State, and served on the board of directors for a chimpanzee sanctuary, the Washington State Federation of Animal Care and Control Agencies, and a “friends-of” non-profit group supporting the work of a municipally-operated shelter. Hilary holds a master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership from Seattle University.