Careers Creating Social Change

Careers changing laws, modifying behavior, or affecting culture are among the most dramatic as well as diverse animal-related professions. Careers creating social change include fields like

Get Involved!

See how you can get involved at the HSUS Take Action page

Learn about The HSUS Government Affairs department's activities.

High school students and younger, learn about the Dissection Campaign Packet and the need to replace the practice of killing and cutting up animals for education with effective, humane alternatives

Attend the Taking Action for Animals Conference designed to motivate, skill, and inspire activists nationwide

Consider an internship helping farm animals with Farm Sanctuary

Suggested Readings and Activities to Learn More

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Listen to an archived NPR interview with noted animal rights attorney, Steven Wise, about his book Rattling the Cage: Towards Legal Rights for Animals (Perseus Books, 2001).

  • Why does Wise think legal rights should be expanded to include animals?
  • Why does he think chimpanzees and bonobos should be the first animals to be accorded rights?
  • Do you agree with his arguments?
  • Can you think of an alternate viewpoint?

Check the news for animal-related law and policy conflicts.

  • Find a news story on tv, radio, internet, or elsewhere that describes conflicts over animal- or nature-related law & policy. Can you identify the roles that different law & policy professionals may be playing in the conflict?
  • Which profession do you think will be the most important to resolving the situation? Which job would you most enjoy in this situation?