Openings at Humane Society University

Faculty Positions

Join the best and brightest faculty at one of the nation’s premier universities exclusively devoted toward animal studies and protection

Humane Society University is committed to academic excellence and diversity within the faculty, staff, and student body. Our progressive plan for growth in quality and quantity of learners has created unique opportunities for building a vibrant, faculty-based community of intellectual scholars. If you have demonstrated accomplishments in animal welfare and advocacy, animal studies, non-profit management, human-animal relationships, or humane education and have an advanced degree (preferably a doctorate) and would like to be part of a community that is pushing the boundaries on human-animal studies, we invite you to be part of our university that strives toward building remarkable and unprecedented careers.

We are particularly interested in experienced applicants with distinguished academic records and demonstrated teaching expertise, especially those individuals versed in online learning platforms, webinars, and mentoring of capstone/thesis students. We would note that the University will only have a few full-time and part-time faculty positions during these early years. Therefore, we anticipate that most of our “faculty” will be unpaid volunteers (unless you teach specific courses) who are interested in being an active part of a community of scholars in human-animal studies. We hope to build HSU into a dynamic and interesting institution for faculty and students alike.

HSU is an equal opportunity employer. Candidate faculty will be considered without regard toward race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

To be considered for a faculty appointment at Humane Society University’s College of Arts & Sciences, and/or a teaching position for the School of Continuing Education, please complete the Faculty Application and forward it, along with your current curriculum vitae, to Dr. Andrew Rowan, Provost: